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September 5, 2020

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Is a small business based in Germany, which was founded in September 2020 to provide proper supplies for small animals.


In domestic animal care, small animals are often neglected and live in enclosures that do not meet their needs. The usual pet accessories in pet stores are often too small and dangerous.


This led to the creation of HamsterHome, with a dedication to designing safe, beautiful and unique pet supplies that meet the animals' needs while creating an appealing and appropriate environment.


Each of our products is made by hand, from sawing to the smallest details. This means that each piece is unique and made with love.


HamsterHome offers a wide range of products to personalize your pet's enclosure. Our goal is to not only fulfill the needs of your small animals, but to give them a more appealing place to live. The variety of product designs and colors brings life to the hamster enclosure and makes it a real eye-catcher.

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With HamsterHome, we want to encourage the appropriate care of small animals in all countries. Many people incorrectly believe that small animals require less care. As a result, they are often treated improperly and we need to change this mindset.


Our mission is to motivate people to care for their small animals properly, improve their well-being and bring joy into their lives.

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Take a look at the products and convince yourself

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The products are made of natural and untreated birch wood and beech wood

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Use of non-toxic and animal-safe paint, as well as wood glue which is solvent-free

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Eco-friendly packaging for shipping (biodegradable & recyclable)

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Everything is made by hand and with great care, making each piece unique

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