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mehrkammernhaus hamster

The multi-chamber house:
A safe and cozy home for hamsters

mehrkammernhaus hamster
Our multi-chamber house meets all requirements!
treppen hamster
Curved climbing stairs
An eye-catcher in the hamster enclosure

Discover appropriate hamster supplies for comfort and creativity at HamsterHome

Discover a unique selection of carefully handcrafted and appropriate supplies for hamsters and small animals at HamsterHome. All products are made with great care and are designed to provide your hamster with comfort, safety and enjoyment.

You will find sleeping places, hideouts, houses, sand baths and stairs here. Our product selection contains all items that support the welfare of your hamster and give the hamster enclosure a great appearance.

There are no limits to your creativity when setting up the hamster enclosure!

hamsterzubehör haus wolke
Worldwide shipping

Our products are shipped from Germany and delivered worldwide.

Handmade with love

Our products are handcrafted with the greatest care and attention paid to every detail.

Appropriate care

The appropriate care and welfare of the animals is our highest priority.

hamsterzubehör wolken set

Safety and quality in focus at HamsterHome

We set the highest standards for the quality of our products to ensure the safety of your beloved pets. The materials used to create our products are completely safe for animals. You can be sure that the products are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but that they also prioritize the safety and health of your beloved pets.

Our handmade hamster supplies are made without the use of screws or nails. We use non-toxic glue and water-soluble, non-toxic paints. Our products are made of high-quality, untreated and durable wood. We avoid laser cuts and dark edges for an appealing aesthetic. The wood is splinter-free and carefully sanded to avoid the risk of injury.

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