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A multi-chamber house is essential for appropriate hamster care. It imitates the natural habitat of hamsters, which in the wild build complex underground burrows with tunnels and chambers.

But what should you look out for when buying a hamster house and what requirements should it meet?


Open ground

The hamster house should be open at the bottom so that the hamster has the opportunity to dig tunnels and bury himself underneath as it likes. This allows the hamster to express its natural digging behavior.

Removable roof

A removable roof is important to allow easy nest control and cleaning without bothering the hamster.

Suitable entrances

The entrances to the house should be 7 cm for syrianhamsters and 5 cm for dwarfhamsters.

Several chambers

In nature, hamsters have different chambers in their underground burrow for different purposes, such as food storage, toilet area and sleeping area. Hamster houses with several chambers are therefore beneficial to meet the hamster's natural behavior.

Choice of material

Hamster houses made of softwood should be avoided, as nails, staples or screws may be hidden in the wood, which can harm the hamster if chewed on. Softwood can also secrete resin, which is toxic to hamsters.

Our multi-chamber house meets all requirements!
  • Big enough for dwarf and syrian hamsters!

  • Dimensions of 33cm x 24cm x 11cm

  • Entrances 7cm in size

  • Front entrance 10cm wide

  • Open floor and removable roof

  • Three chambers in the house

  • Stair attachment on the roof

  • Untreated, natural wood

  • Plug-in system - Convertible - No glue


Variations due to plug-in system:

  • Remove stairs for additional space in the house

  • Can be used as a two-chamber house or without chambers

  • Exchangeable side parts enable a house without chambers and with two entrances

A secure stand with stilts
Our cut-to-size stilts ensure a secure hold for your hamster house. They provide stability and minimize the risk of your hamster being endangered when digging.
Take a look and convince yourself
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